Best New Country and Americana Songs: January 2018

Here are Max Sparber's picks for the best new country and Americana songs of January, 2018.

"Dust,” Basins

Very short, spooky piece with deep, booming country gospel harmonies and eerie electric guitar. Not sure what the song is about, but late at night, in the dark, when the song describes the tiny eyes of babies, it’s terrifying.

“Take Me for a Ride,” Caitlin Canty

 Over a spare, rattling drum and a wash of moody country guitars, Canty sings of ruefully returning to a lover who is no good for her, her melody sometimes offering welcome echoes of Joni Mitchell.

“Bullets in the Sky,” Mary Gauthier

The whole album “Rifles and Rosary Beads” is a stunning look at an America caught up in decades of war. This song is a steady, unflinching look at the ambivalent experiences of a veteran on Veteran’s Day.

“A Lamb, A Dove,” H.C. McEntire

A country gospel number that both makes lovely use of the church piano and aching harmonies of the genre and the language of loss, redemption and grace of the church.

"Cry, Cry, Cry,” David Myles

An enjoyable mash-up of country and early rock and roll sounds, mixing the smooth harmonies of white doo wop, the frantic drumming of surf rock, the reverbed guitars of rockabilly, the melodies of Roy Orbison, and Spanish horns.

“Someone Singing with Me,” Joe Purdy & Amber Rubarth

From the “American Folk” soundtrack, a gorgeous folk-country duo about loneliness, and tight-harmony singing as a cure for loneliness.


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