Wild Country: The Hills Have Bigfoot

Chris LeDoux

by Max Sparber

I can't say precisely why, but Bigfoot has become a common enough theme in country music as to deserve its own subgenre. Every alt-country badn either seems to be chasing a Sasquatch, befriending it, or just puzzling about the apelike cryptoid.

And why not? We all deserve a little mystery and wonder in our lives, and Bigfoot is one of the last great unexplained things, one of the few places in the world that may or may not be true, may or may not be real, and may or may not be something we can ride piggyback through the woods, if we could befriend it. Here are a few of mty favorite Bigfoot songs:

“Song of the Yukon Rose,” Chris LeDoux (1989)

Imagine “Devil Went Down to Georgia,” but instead telling the song of a French-Canadian miner, his unhappy girlfriend, and the Bigfoot who wanders into a bar one night and steals her away.

“Sasquatch,” California (1992)

A bouncing banjo tune with near-prob harmonies about sitting out in nature and pondering life’s mysteries, which are mostly about Bigfoot, his life, his desires, and the possibility of partnering with him for a record contract.

“Sasquatch Song,” Stompin’ Tom Connors (1999)

Johnny Cash-style song over Duane Eddy-style guitar telling an obsessively rhymed, endlessly silly song of a Canadian Bigfoot with a talent for winning games of chance involving him playing hopscotch in a tree.

“Sasquatch Comin Straight Fo Me,” Crazy Mountain Billies (2010)

Jug band meets rapid-fire bluegrass banjo, with a yee-hawing singer describing his experiences being stalked by and then having a fistfight with a Bigfoot.

“My Friend Bigfoot,” Uncle Rock (2010)

Children’s song with Los Lobos-style guitars and a near heavy metal chorus consisting of the words “stomp stomp stomp!” Uncle Rock sings of a neighborly Sasquatch living in a mushroom cave.

“Mountain Man (Kidnapped by Bigfoot),” Mike Badger (2012)

Hillbilly boogie tune about a week spent as an unwilling guest of a Sasquatch who mostly wants him to clean house, have pleasant dinner, and possibly engage in some light wife-swapping.

“Running with Bigfoot,” Keri Ghoulie (2014)

The singer from the Groovie Ghoulies produced a country album, including this peppy Dylan-like acoustic pop country song about going on the lam with his pal Bigfoot.

“Boggy Bottom Bigfoot,” Perley Curtis (2015)

A surprisingly mellow country tune with a strange fascination with the very specific geography of Atoka County, OK, where a sasquatch is roaming free. Goosed by sound effects of roaring and gunshots.

“Where Are All The Bigfoot Bones?” Filthy Still (2015)

High speed cowpunk, arranged like a countrified Pogues song, with the suspicious narrator screaming at Bigfoot believers to produce his remains.


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