Play Script: Trucker Uppers by Max Sparber and Coco Mault

SYNOPSIS: "Trucker Uppers" tells the tall tale of a long haul, during which a legendary truck driver must transport a truck full of chickens from Minnesota to New Orleans in 18 hours while being chased by Bigfoot the entire way.

REQUIREMENTS:  "Trucker Uppers" is a two-actor play that runs about 85 minutes. The play requires two chairs and an onstage turntable large enough to rotate both chairs. There is some music in the play that can be performed live by the cast or along with prerecorded audio, available from the playwrights on request.

HISTORY: A scene from "Trucker Uppers" was presented during the Freshwater Theatre Company's TEASE Festival in 2015, where it was declared the audience favorite from the event. The Freshwater Theatre Company then presented a full public reading of "Trucker Uppers" in 2015.

DOWNLOAD "Trucker Uppers" here.

If you are interested in producing "Trucker Uppers," contact Max Sparber at


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