Play Script: The Sweet By and By by Max Sparber and Elizabeth Webb

SYNOPSIS: "The Sweet By and By" tells the story of Henry, a trans man in the Old West who is being hanged for stealing a horse to impress a local woman.

REQUIREMENTS:  "The Sweet By and By" is a 10-minute, four-actor play. It requires period costumes and a noose.

HISTORY: "The Sweet By and By" was written to be part of the Instant Theater program at the Shelterbelt Theatre in Omaha. It was performed there in 2013. It is inspired by murder ballads, including "Gallows Pole," in which a man begs the hangman for more time to see if his loved one is coming.

DOWNLOAD "The Sweet By and By" here.

If you are interested in producing "The Sweet By and By," contact Max Sparber at


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