Play script: The House of All Nations by Max Sparber

SYNOPSIS: "House of All Nations" tells the story of two woman in Omaha, one who works in a brothel, one who works in a meat-packing plant, who meet to share a ghost story.

REQUIREMENTS:  "House of All Nations" is a 10-minute, two-actress play. It requires two suitcases with dioramas built into them of the play's locations, as well as several small toys to represent characters in the play.

HISTORY: "House of All Nations" was written to be part of the annual Halloween festival of short plays at Omaha's Shelterbelt Theatre, "Shelter Sketler." It was performed there in 2013.

DOWNLOAD "The House of All Nations" here.

If you are interested in producing "The House of All Nations," contact Max Sparber at


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