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Best New Country and Americana Songs: May 2018

Here are Max Sparber's picks for the best new country and Americana songs of May, 2018.
“Sucker for a Good Time,” Brent Cobb Enjoyably sleazy, slide guitar-backed tune, sung with the sort of heavy, funky malice of “Come Together” by The Beatles. Country music for doing bad.
“All Hat, No Cattle,” Cowboy Troy On an album that’s mostly brashly comic country rap songs, the drawled irony of this song, over punchy acoustic country riffs, is closest to Shel Silverstein’s goofball country songs. The story is of a compulsive liar.
“The Giver,” The Dead Tongues Selected at random from an album, “Unsung Passage,” where every song is superb, I especially like this song’s old weird American-ness. Its jerky acoustic guitar rhythms, beer bottle percussion, and moaning fiddles sound ancient.
“All on the Table,” Robby Hecht and Caroline Spence A plaintive, gorgeous ballad, highlighting Spence’s heartbroken-sounding voice over fingerpicked guitar. The song makes extensive, intriguing use of the imager…

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