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Weird Westerns: Cowboys vs. Dinosaurs (2015)

★★☆☆☆ An explosion in a mine releases badly animated dinosaurs that wander back and forth on a main street in Montana while a former rodeo champion tries to get his life back together. 
by Max Sparber
First things first, in the interest of full disclosure I must say that this film costars a friend of mine, Kelcey Watson, who I think credited himself as Kelcivious Jones, which I had thought was just a fun nickname he gave himself and not something he used professionally. But who am I to wonder: I released two albums under the name Bunny Ultramod a few years back.

Kelcey has been in several productions of a play I wrote about a lynching in Omaha in 1919, and he is a terrific actor, and really should have been the star of this film. He is among first characters we meet, digging into a mine in Montana that turns out to be full of dinosaurs. He later goes and hunts a raptor on his lonesome, and provides from his own arsenal all the small arms one might need to talk down an army of prehisto…

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